How to Sew Flat Felled Seams

How to Sew Flat Felled Seams

One of the things I like about sewing is sewing a finished garment inside and out. Different seam finishes help make your garment look professional and even high end. It takes extra time and care to achieve. Most involve some extra steps but in the end the results are very satisfying.

Today I will show you how to get a nice flat felled seam finish. This seam can actually be applied to the inside or the outside of a garment. Today they will be in the inside of my garment. If you want the look for the outside of the garment just do the opposite of the directions I give down below. Let’s get started.

1) Sew your seam using the designated seam allowance for your particular pattern. Here I am using 5/8″. For the seam to be on the inside of the garment sew your fabrics right sides together. (If you want to have the seam on the outside of the garment sew the seams wrong sides together).

2) Press your seam allowance open. The seam that is pressed toward the back of the garment is going to be trimmed down by half. Make sure you only trim the seam allowance pointing toward the back side.

3) Fold the untrimmed seam allowance toward the seam line and press with your iron to get a nice crease. You will only be folding it over by half.

4) Now wrap the newly folded seam allowance around the other seam allowance going toward the back of the garment. I pin the seam allowance in place with glass head pins. This way when I get the allowance all in place I can give it a press one more time before I sew it in place.

5) With your seam all in place now stitch close to the new edge. Since I am sewing through more fabric and it will be a stitch showing from the other side I set my stitch length to about 3.0.

And that is it! It is actually very simple and straight forward. I hope you liked this tutorial! Let me know in the comments below!

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