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Mushroom Print Tie Back Headband

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Mushroom Print Headband


These tie back - scarf style headbands are stylish and versatile! The length is perfect for styling different ways to achieve new looks all with one headband. This whimsical mushroom and leaf print is perfeclty cute for added style to your outfit.


Headbands are made of woven fabric. They do not have any stretch and are designed to be tied. Each one is cut and sewn by hand and are limited i quanity

They are perfect for non wash days when you need to throw your hair up and still look cute.



Handmade Modistra Sew Tie Headband

•Hand sewn by me

•Brand new fabric - 100% Cotton

•Wraps are not wired.

•Machine washable, Tumble Dry on Low

Dimensions: 56” long, 2” wide and has a taper at each end to create a bow look when tied.

•You have to tie this yourself - it’s can be a simple bow, wrapped twice around the head with a small knot, wrapped once and twisted at the ends and secured with a knot. You can come up with many ways to wear this headband. The headband is a strip of fabric with tapered ends, so it easily looks like a bow shape when tied.

•Wear with anything to add quick style to your outfit

•***Important tips for wearing***
#1 - Don’t tie it too tight! Believe it or not, this is a common mistake and makes it less likely to stay in place.
#2 - Use Bobby pins at the base, crown or other inconspicuous place. Criss cross them for added stability.
#3 - Fold it in half lengthwise if you’d prefer a skinnier width.
#4 - Wear it tied at the top. Wear it tied at the bottom. Or, tie it around your neck for a short neck scarf!


Non Stretch Woven Material


Approximately 56" long and 2" wide

Care information

Wash on cold, Tumble dry on low, Cool Iron if needed

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